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Social Value is a broad and complex concept but can generally be described as "the contribution of activities to social, economic and environmental wellbeing." The real estate and development industry has a significant influence on social value creation by shaping human activities directly and indirectly, through real estate and infrastructure investment, development, operation and management. 


COCREATIF specialises in helping real estate and development sector organisations, both in public and private sectors, optimise their contribution to social value creation throughout the development lifecycle. In particular, we focus on social aspects, such as wellbeing, equity, social cohesion and cultural identity, which are difficult to quantify and to account for when making decisions in investment, development and management of buildings and places.


This requires a "place-based" approach that is tailored to local needs and vision, as well as each organisation’s missions and aspirations. Our support addresses three key areas for change - Strategy, Operation and People - as described below. 


How does your business relate to social value? What social impact does your work make and how can they be optimised? How can the “S” of ESG be addressed? What benefit will there be for your business in return? 


Social value consideration is not only desirable but essential for businesses to stay relevant and to identify future opportunities. 


We assist developing your social value strategy that sets out social value aspirations and a roadmap for change management. 


How do you incorporate social value considerations in decision-making? How do you communicate your contribution to social value creation?

We co-develop with you a social value framework, which sets out outcome objectives, KPIs and metrics, for a specific development / asset, asset type or portfolio.


The framework is designed to help align all key decisions with social value aspirations and project-specific outcome objectives. 


How do you embed social value creation in your business? How do you build capacity within your organisation? How do you attract talents to grow your business? 


Transition into a business that thrives while creating positive social impact requires a cultural shift and capacity building within the organisation. 


We support change management through:

  • engaging employees in the process of strategy and framework development

  • tailored capacity building programmes. 


We work with clients across sectors through the whole lifecycle of the built environment.


Below is a summary of benefit and applications of our service in different business areas.





Combined authorities

Local authorities



Better liveability / prosperity


Social return on investment

Effective public services

Cost savings

Corporate strategies

Local plans and area strategies

Planning application appraisal

Public - private partnership

City ranking, liveability / prosperity index




Fund managers

Estate owners

Low-risk stable income

Responsible investing

Impact investing

Social / political risk mitigation

Social due diligence

Local needs analysis

Social impact, social value, ESG strategies

'Place-based' investment strategy development

New investment product development





Urban designers




Value enhancement

Value alignment

Efficient planning process

Effective stakeholder communication

Development brief / proposals

Design option assessment

Enhanced socio-economic impact assessment

Public consultations

Performance monitoring (POE) strategy 




Asset managers

Property managers

Value enhancement

Stable income from leasing

Tenant attraction / retainment

Operation / maintenance cost saving

Asset strategies

Leasing strategies

Asset valuations

Performance monitoring and reporting

Tennant management

We develop a bespoke scope for each client.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you. 

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