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Transport for London Sustainable Development Framework, London, UK

Transport for London (TfL) is one of London’s largest landowners. Its property arm, TfL Property Development, has developed the Sustainable Development Framework with an ambition to become an industry leader in sustainable development practices. The framework is based on a performance-oriented, metric-driven approach to help optimise, specify, deliver and monitor sustainability performance across TfL’s development portfolio.

The framework is designed to help balance three outcome areas: social, economic and environmental. While the environmental measures have been relatively well established, there are generally few examples of effective measures being applied to support the delivery of socio-economic sustainability through developments.

COCREATIF was asked, as an initial stage, to review the proposed framework in terms of its effectiveness and appropriateness with a particular focus on social and economic dimensions. As Social Value Strategist, Eime made recommendations on additional KPIs and metrics to more effectively address social and economic sustainability in line with Mayor’s London Plan. She also provided strategic advice on skills, data and process to support implementation.

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