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Social value strategy and framework development for Handley House

Handley House is the group company overseeing four specialist businesses: Benoy (architecture), Pragma (commercial strategy), Uncommon Land (landscape) and Holmes Wood (wayfinding and placemaking). With the aim to enhance the value of their service offer for clients and wider stakeholders, COCREATIF started to work with Handley House to develop a social value strategy and bespoke tools for implementation.

As an initial phase, COCREATIF designed and facilitated a series of workshops to introduce social value in the built environment and to discuss a high-level strategy to embed social value considerations into the practice. These workshops served as capacity building while addressing issues in real projects. Through discussions and interactive group exercises, the participants began to develop their understanding of social value and to discuss as a group how the company could incorporate social value considerations into day-to-day decision making and communication. This has set foundations for further development of their own social value approach and tools that would embed social value considerations into their practice.

With her depth of experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the social value, Eime was able to provide our team with a good understanding of the strategic considerations and practical applications for delivering social value impact across our project work.” - Alex Avery, CEO
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