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From Strategy to Implementation - Estabona Social Value

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my latest partnership and a new venture, Estabona Social Value, based in Madrid, Spain. We promote social value creation through real asset management. Our aim is to help asset owners and managers:

  • understand the potential social value of real assets

  • report key information to investors and

  • take steps to deliver greater value to communities

whilst simultaneously enhancing return and reducing investment risk.

With Estabona’s skillsets and experience in asset management, we are able to offer support for execution of strategies and ongoing management. This complements my expertise and experience in strategy development, opportunity identification and KPIs and metrics development for social value creation.

Our approach is underpinned by the conviction that social value creation can be integrated into the core business of real estate. We also understand that social value is little understood in the industry while the awareness and the pressure to deliver social value have been increasing globally. We therefore focus on identifying opportunities to create or enhance social value using the existing assets and available resources, highlighting how they can also help minimise risk and add value in the long-term.

As mentioned in the ULI report, “Zooming in on the ‘S’ in ESG,” enhancing the role of real estate, and the built environment more generally, requires all stakeholders to act. We seek for opportunities to partner with local authorities, community groups and local NGOs in creating social value and convene such partnerships.

Many of the challenges our society faces, such as economic inequality, social division, loneliness and skill shortages, may seem beyond the remit of the real estate industry. With the right approach, however, real estate firms can be part of the solutions and, furthermore, be an agent of change.

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