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COIMA Farini masterplanning project and COIMA City Lab Charter, Milan, Italy

COIMA is a real estate firm behind Porta Nuova, a large-scale development by Porta Garibaldi station, at the northern gateway to Milan City Centre. Following the completion of Porta Nuova development, the company acquired neighbouring sites to create an urban regeneration corridor from the Milan Central Station to the Farini Railway Yard, and to the Expo areas farther to the northwest.

As Director of Urban Analytics at AECOM, Eime developed an outcome-oriented design assessment framework for the Farini Railway Yard masterplanning project, which was led by the AECOM Urban Design team. Incorporating COIMA’s own ESG evaluation tool, the framework defined a set of goals, objectives, KPIs and measures for social, economic and environmental outcomes. She used this to help the design team focus on optimising priority outcomes when developing design options and describe each option’s social, economic and environmental benefits quantitatively.

This approach enabled the client team to:

a) have a consensus amongst the project team on socio-economic outcome objectives at the outset

b) account for non-financial benefits in the option selection process and

c) articulate socio-economic benefits of the proposed development to the wider community in the planning negotiations.

This assessment framework subsequently evolved into a Charter, which sets out guiding principles for a newly formed think-tank, COIMA City Lab. The group, which consists of several renown architects, aims to foster innovation for the development of sustainable and resilient urban spaces, supporting COIMA’s overall mission as to set and achieve the highest standards in investment, development and management in finance and real estate.

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