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COCREATIF provides strategic advice on social value in real estate and urban planning.

The company was founded by Dr. Eime Tobari in 2019  to drive positive change for the sustainability of cities and places with a particular focus on social aspects such as wellbeing, equity, social cohesion and cultural identity.


It is built upon Eime's multi-disciplinary expertise ranging from architecture and urban planning to urban analytics and sociology, along with international consultancy, capacity building and company management experience. 



COCREATIF aims to drive positive change for the socio-economic sustainability of cities and places and push forward the social impact agenda.

We work in partnership with clients and other consultants to deliver social value through their core business, creating an ecosystem around existing resources. 



COCREATIF supports and promotes collaboration and co-creation. We are open for any forms of collaboration – ad hoc or regular and informal or formal. 


Currently we are working with the following organisations in the areas where our missions align and our expertise compliment with the respective partners. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with us. 

Bayfield Logo Symbol

Bayfield Training offers real estate training programmes in Leadership, Financial Modelling and Management for individuals and companies. 


Eime is partnering with Bayfield Training to develop and deliver courses for real estate professionals to enhance their understanding of cities and social value as broader contexts of real estate activities. 

Cities Foum logo.jpg

Cities Forum is a global organisation with a multidisciplinary international group of experts who are experienced in sustainable urban development. It provides strategic advice to governments and cities and deliver projects in the areas of digital transformation, urban mobility and transport, governance and finance, environment, social inclusion and sharing cities and knowledge society. 


As an Associated Expert, Eime provides her expertise in social value creation and urban analytics to support strategy development, city planning and project delivery. 

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The Collaborative City is a network of independent and small consultancy practices in the planning, design and regeneration of the lived environment. Expertise within its members range from architecture and urban design to healthy place-making and cultural development. 


Eime brings her expertise in social value, urban analytics and movement strategies to various types of projects from masterplanning and development strategies to public realm and architectural design. 

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