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Create Value. Create Future. 


What is Social Value?

Social Value is what is valued by society - the contribution of activities to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of individuals, communities and society. A greater alignment between all our economic activities and social value creation is imperative for addressing environmental and social challenges we face today and to create healthier, more sustainable and more equitable future.  

How can the real estate sector better contribute to social value creation in cities and places? How can you use data to tell a story of your investment or development? 

COCREATIF provides strategic advice on social value in real estate and urban planning. Our goal is to optimise socio-economic outcomes of assets and developments for clients and stakeholders. Social value creation can be part of a business strategy that responds to future needs and drives positive change. 


COCREATIF focuses on making impact by influencing decision making in investment management and development projects. Our advice is tailored to individual clients - their aspirations and existing resources. Through collaboration we build capacity in client organisations to incorporate social value in every decision making.  



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